Fake Watches

I recently had the harrowing experience, when a wealthy friend – who drives a rolls royce and must have over 50 premium watches – gave me a fully diamond encrusted white gold watch from one of the major brands and requested I help him have the watch serviced, cleaned and strap changed whenever I was traveling to my Geneva office. I received the Watch in a nice pouch and immediately put it in my briefcase.

Once in Geneva, I immediately deposited the watch at the brand’s boutique for full treatment. The gentleman at the boutique gave me a receipt and assured me they’d contact me within the week to give an estimate for the service. Back in my hotel some hours later, I received a call from the boutique that I had to return as a matter of urgency. I knew them well so did not think much about it only to be totally stunned on my return to have two police men waiting to question me on my acquaintance with the watch I had earlier deposited

Image source money.com

With very little controls and many international brands basically caring less about Nigeria, This market has seen an unprecedented deluge of fake goods flooding the retail space of all our cities. We were once able to ignore it when we thought it was merely confined to just street hawkers selling fake watches in front of hotels, but this epidemic has grown out of control and is extremely dangerous for would be genuine consumers. You now find up market retailers pushing fake goods in shopping malls, hotels, high-end street shops, on the internet, on social media and even direct to homes. Some of these fakes are so good, on the surface the consumer has no idea and where he does know he or she believes they can carry it off, perfect case of “fake watches for fake people”. There are so many excellent, professional looking instagram pages selling fake watches, bags, shoes, fashion, eye wear amongst other fake goods.

I hear people everyday telling me what great deals they have found on the internet. Whilst not all sites are crooked, would you buy a $10,000 watch with your credit card from an unknown agent, with no known address, not knowing what you’re going to receive in your much awaited parcel?. Likelihood, not what you were expecting or paid for. Its either pre-used (Pre-owned or Pre-worn) , has a Fake movement, Fake casing, a Fake Watch all together or could be a stolen watch.

Where do you start to correct this monumental fuck up! boom! your money is gone!

Often these fake watches are bought by intermediaries, staff or assistants of VIPs who are looking to give out gifts to their peers. The VIP giving the gift is often oblivious to the situation as he or she doesn’t check the watch before sending out.

Last year I witnessed a case where a VVIP was gifted 28 watches for his birthday – Yes, he’s very important to many VIPs – half of the watches were fake. Now, where does the recipient start from. The receiver of the gift is often reluctant to declare to the giver, his gift is fake.

So whats the sure way to ensure you are buying the real thing. Trust an expert opinion, buy from an auhtorised retailer. We elaborate on a few tips in the next pages.

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