Tribute to DAA, as he marks another year.

As our CEO Mr. Deremi  Adedamola Ajidahun (DAA), marks another birthday in a few days it is imperative to take stock and look back at achievements of this brilliant and eniymatic man, not just a business man but as a father (and recently a Grandfather) mentor and philanthropist

30years ago DAA, invented the business of Golf in Nigeria  it was pretty much non existent at the time, Most Golfers in the 90’s had to buy their hardware and other needs abroad. Fresh out of school and seeing the opportunity DAA began retailing Golf products from his apartment in Ikoyi – fast forward 30years later his company Hole19 is not only the leader in Golf products in Nigeria, but has also diversified into other sectors as Luxury retail, Media & Publishing, Logistics and Real estate.

This year saw a consolidation of him & his wife’s various business interests into HNZ Group making the group is perhaps the largest luxury retail business in West Africa. He has indeed come a long way and would make for an interesting case in business books as anyone who knows him will tell. “His methods are unconventional” 

It’s not always all business with DAA in spite of his as you can imagine insanely busy schedule, he spends an incredible amount of time and resources on family, what he calls-his first business. If you’ve had the good fortune to work with you’d quickly realize where his priorities lie. His values for family also spill, into his generosity to humanity. He’s always a listening ear and a helping hand to many.

As he marks another year on Tuesday may 14th we join in celebrating a truly accomplished icon, a mentor and inspiration to us all, may your days be long prosperous and filled with good fortune. Happy Birthday Sir!